Night Market in Bay St. Louis

On the final Friday of every month in the vivacious sound-side town of Bay St. Louis, Mockingbird Café hosts “Mister Atticus’s Night Market.” Mockingbird invites local artisans to set up shop in their outdoor market and treats attendees to live music and a special tapas menu befitting to the month’s theme. The ladies of Smith & Lens also participate by holding the opening for their latest show in their gallery right next door.

This month’s theme is rock n’ roll! Smith & Lens will be featuring artist Kat Fitzpatrick and her latest works, “Heaven’s Radio.” Of this show, Ms. Fitzpatrick says, “’Heaven’s Radio’ is a prayer of gratitude for the richness that music has brought to my life and to the people I love. Bless this music. Bless the musicians. Bless the artists and their work.”

Rock n’ roll legend and part-time Dime model, Thomas Jackson, will be on the stage sharing his tunes. DIME will be there, too! We’ll be helping with the costume contest so come dressed as your favorite rock n’ roll legend who’s made their way to the other side (various stages of decay encouraged), and you just might be a winner of fabulous prizes. If that’s not enough to get you there, buy tickets for the Smith & Lens’ Art Lotto, and you could win this fabulous piece by Kat! So much winning.

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Jane Clair was born, bred and bred her own in the heart of the Pine Belt. She recently moved to Pass Christian to get a step closer to her ambition of calling a boat “home” and for the ataraxia that comes with soaking in the salty air. An ardent supporter of all arts, she enjoys exploring in search of the next piece to add to their collection, the latest culinary feat, or to catch a live show. Having near grown children seeking their autonomy, she’s enjoying her own working with the Pass Christian Theatre Project, concocting delectable libations to add to her box of party tricks and picking up a variety of new habits, err, hobbies. Follow her on Instagram @janeclair.

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  • I'm with you, I love Claire Danes but I thought she'd look more beautiful and glowing in a different dress. I feel like we've seen Christina Hendricks in a very similar dress before. I'd love if she had tried something different. I also really didn't like Elisabeth Moss' dress. Didn't feel right for the Emmys. I was pleasantly surprised by Sarah Hyland's choice! I thought she looked good in it.

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