Southern beauty gets a boost

An entrepreneurial New Orleans makeup artist sought to defy her own skin issues. The result? A successful beauty line and one busy lady.

Ashley Sievert is creative and energetic — just what you might expect from a native New Orleans makeup artist. What you might not expect is that in 2013 she launched her own line of cosmetics called Ashley Sievert Beauty. As a habit, Sievert is always five minutes early, and that’s probably a good thing considering her beauty line has grown eight times in two years. She is currently on track to sell over 15,000 units in 2015. I had a chance to sit down with Ashley to discuss her inspiration, struggles and must-have product.

What inspired your makeup line?

The whole makeup line came about because I always had bad skin my whole life. When I was in high school, all I wanted to do was cover it. So how do you cover it? You go buy foundation. Literally every foundation I ever purchased turned me orange or made my breakouts look even more noticeable, because it looked like I was trying to cover it.

When I was a makeup artist I realized, not only do I have this problem personally, everyone’s eye makeup and everything else looks amazing, but their foundation looks awful.


What makes your makeup line stand out in such an oversaturated market?

It is a simple, small quality line that works for everyone. I have clients who range from age 12 to 85. Oily, dry, or acne prone [so it is designed] for everyone. The line also stands out because it was created by a makeup artist who is an everyday woman, mom and wife who wants to feel great [about] herself.


What’s the biggest challenge with starting a makeup line?

It’s expensive, very expensive, and you’re taking a huge risk. You can’t be like, hey, I’d like to return all these bottles. I tried to do it a little less expensive so I went through multiple companies. I did the bottles with one company, the labels with a different company. Figuring out the product itself was not hard. From the first thought to Ashley Sievert Beauty being released two years ago was probably four to five years.


What is unique about your ingredients?

I knew I wanted a mineral based foundation which was light but full coverage. Because I suffered from acne as a teen/early adult and had issues with all foundations, I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t cause breakouts or look like you had makeup on. The line is also very long lasting and although not a claim or scientifically tested, the foundation will not budge through sweat, heat and water!


What is the best part of what you do?

Honestly, I had troubled skin growing up, so the fact that I have a product that can cover women’s hyperpigmentation or acne scars or anything. I literally get so excited. It’s like it’s my first day of work. It all happens organically. I get more excited than [clients] do.


What about the worst?
Working weekends. I’ve literally worked every single Saturday for eight years.


Describe Ashley Sievert Beauty in one word, what would it be?

Ashley Sievert Beauty is available at spas and boutiques across Louisiana, Apothecary Boutique in Hattiesburg and the Ashley Sievert studio as well as Find her at @ashleysievertbeauty.

Ashley recommends:

The Mineral Velvet Creme Foundation

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