Life in 200 Sq. Ft. or less

Musician Lauren Stovall, a Mississippi transplant to Boulder, Colo. and a bluegrass singer/guitarist in The Railsplitters, makes her home in 176-sq. ft. room built a top of a flatbed trailer. Lauren designed this home with the help of her family. They built the structure in Mississippi and delivered it to Colorado last September. Her “Petit Manoir” as she calls it, is flanked by the town of Boulder at her front door and Colorado’s Indian Peaks just beyond her bed’s loft window. The loft adds an additional 40 sq. ft. and lends to its open, airy feel.

Thanks to Emily Sierra Photography, you can take a tour of this precious place without a flight into DEN. 

Lauren Stovall and her tiny house | Photo by Emily Sierra Photography

“It’s kind of magical,” says the five-foot-tall singer, who shares the space with her Jack Russell terrier named Skippy. 


The front door is painted Lauren’s favorite color since ever.

tiny kitchen

To make this space work, Lauren has to carefully evaluate every item she brings into her home.


“Any time I go shopping, I ask myself, ‘Is that thing functional, how many functions will it serve? Does this enhance my life?” she said.
“If the answer is no, then I don’t buy it.”


People are always frettin’ over the bathroom situation in a tiny house. But this one looks pretty heavenly.

tiny above view

One key to survival in a tiny house: Keep it immaculate.

“I don’t think messy people would do so well in a tiny house,” Lauren said. “You can’t function if the house is a mess. I can’t even sweep if it’s messy. There’s only enough space if you keep it clean.” 

Another essential: Multi-purpose design.
Lauren’s custom built beetle kill pine sofa serves multiple functions — perfect for sitting, napping, storing items and housing Skippy’s bed beneath it. Her loft staircase also houses a closet at the back.

“He has his own house in the tiny house.”

hi five

Skippy’s pretty rad, too. In fact, he’s been featured by Seeker Stories, along with Lauren and the precious house.

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