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With a scoop of classic rock and a heapin’ helpin’ of Southern soul, The Weeks aren’t exactly the Lynrd Skynrd “southern” your parents loved back in the day.

These four Jackson-bred guys just crave a little fun, and the world can’t help but watch.

At 15 and 16 years old, they were sliding doormen cash on the DL so they could watch bands play at a Jackson dive bar—W.C. Don’s. But the Jackson music scene dwindled as bands broke up or moved on.

“We went from being able to see a local band every weekend to having no local bands in town, so we hopped on the opportunity to be that local band,” explained Weeks drummer Cain Barnes.

What was going through their minds?

“I can get into bars!” Cain laughed.

They got their shit together, booked their first show, and then they got a phone call. W.C. Don’s (ironically abbreviated for “We Couldn’t Decide On a Name”) needed their name for the lineup.

Glancing around, eyes landed on a road sign hanging in their practice room: “The Weeks.”

Now in their mid-20s, twins Cain and Cyle Barnes (vocals), Damien Bone (bass), and Sam Williams (guitar/vocals) have played their way into the hearts of people all the way from Jackson to Germany.

But the love seems to grow the deepest roots in their new hometown Nashville.

Four years ago, after abandoning a short rendezvous with college, the band had to decide what – and where – was next.

“It was between Nashville and Chicago, and Chicago was way too fucking cold for us to live up there,” Cain recalled.

The Weeks became part of the country music capital’s budding rock-n-roll scene, drawing from influences like Thin Lizzy and the Allman Brothers, and got hooked up with Kings of Leon’s record label Serpents and Snakes, where they re-released their album “Gutter Gaunt Gangster” in 2012, followed by “Dear Bo Jackson” in 2013 and the “Buttons EP” in 2014.

But if you’ve been wondering, waiting and whining for a new album from these guys, rest easy. They have your “new favorite record” next on their to-do list.

The Weeks, along with new guy Johny Fisher on guitar, have just finished up tearing through the mighty Mississippi on their biggest state tour yet, dubbed “It’s Like Coming Home.”

“Mississippi is always a good time,” Damien said smiling as Cain added, “It’s less like touring when we’re touring in Mississippi, and it’s more just like hanging out.”

You can catch them hanging out at Clarksdale’s Shack Up Inn or Jackson’s Capri Theatre, two of their favorite Mississippi venues. Just don’t bank on it until next spring. The Weeks are in the studio this month to crank out yet another kick ass album – just another tidbit to include in your “I’m thankful for…” Facebook post. They hope to release the new title in mid- to late spring.

“I’m pretty biased toward it, but I think it’s fucking incredible,” Cain said with a smirk.

Tales of the Tour

The Weeks love to tour, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they love the weird shit that takes place offstage.

WC Don’s Beer Biker:

The Weeks once witnessed a man drive straight through the front doors of W.C. Don’s, right up to the bar to get himself a beer. Talk about a drive-thru.

Ybor City Shoe-licker:

Cain: “There was a guy who licked the bottom of our shoe, heel to toe. Apparently that’s his thing.”

No, we aren’t making this up. Google it. This guy loves the dirty, sticky goodness that is your sneaker sole, and there’s video evidence to prove it.

San Fran wardrobe wetter:

Cain: “[A homeless guy] broke into our van, took shit out, and then fell asleep in the parking lot adjacent to his crime. I walk through the parking lot and just see a dude asleep, wearing Sam’s jacket.”

Apparently this brave, brave man took it upon himself to get a new wardrobe – straight from The Weeks van. The weirdest part? He fell asleep and peed his – or Sam’s – pants. When asked by police if he urinated himself, he replied with a simple, “Yep.”  And to top it all off, the sleepy thief tried to file a police report because “someone stole his shoes.”

Written by

If you’re looking for Courtney Creel, try looking down. Standing at only 4-feet-11-inches, Courtney is tiny yet twisted. You’ll typically find her listening to Modest Mouse or The Weeks while drinking a Starbucks Doubleshot. Courtney graduated Salutatorian of South Jones High School’s Class of 2013. She was previously employed with the Laurel Leader-Call where she was an intern, proofreader, accounting assistant, reporter and page designer. After work, Courtney returns to Ellisville where she resides with her fiancé, Justin and their daughter, Owyn Caroline. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, napping and watching True Blood on repeat. Two words: Joe Manganiello…. Wait, where were we again?

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