Due South Tattoo Expo, 2016

Due South Tattoo Expo

January 29 – 31

The Golden Nugget Casino

Biloxi, Miss.

Tattoo artist, Matt Stebly, is the creator of what is hailed as some of Mississippi’s most recognized skin art. Heir of a prestigious lineage of artists, Matt’s home and pedigree are clearly visible in his art no matter the medium. Revered for his tattoos and his paintings, his work is unmistakably birthed by what he knows — Mississippi’s wild coast. On skin, his color’s vibrant preservation, vivid shading and a fastidious attention to detail are all distinct pieces of his signature. Stebly’s work has garnered him acclaim around the globe.

“Most people can’t think of 10 Southern tattoo artists off the top of their head,” said Stebly. “Due South was a way to bring exposure to those artists as well as other mainstream tattoo artists from coast to coast.”

Stebly and his crew from Twisted Anchor Tattoo in Ocean Springs will be bringing their second annual Due South Tattoo Expo to the Golden Nugget in Biloxi, January 29-31. Stebly along with sponsors Crooked Letter Brewery and a host of others are inviting attendees to experience “a real sense of the tattoo community with a lot of Southern flair.”

The team is expecting to host over 100 tattoo artists from across the country and will feature live music and tattoo contests all three days of the event. Daily contests winners will be given a ceramic trophy designed and cast by Stebly. Artists will be tattooing on-site and guests who wish to walk home with some skin art are encouraged to make appointments with the artist of their choosing prior to the event. A variety of vendors will be represented, including jewelry artisan Lindsay Withers of the Etsy store Old Man Withers.

“Men and women who specialize in putting art on skin are also putting art on canvas, paper and other mediums,” said Stebly. “I believe the tattoo industry will become more and more appreciated and considered a true art form, like painters and sculptors, especially in a place like Mississippi.”

For more information on daily contests categories, full event schedule, artist registration, accommodations and information on attending artists, visit duesouthtattoo.com.

All military, police and firefighters receive free admission. Musical performances will be held at the Golden Nugget and are included in the ticket prices.

$45 – Weekened Pass    /    $20 – Day Pass     /     Tickets available at the door

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Live music by:        The Blue Dahlias        DJ Hyphee        Whiskey Kiss        Rhythm Intervention        Kaboom        Stereohype

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