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Julie Ragusa: Mockingbird Cafe

The teeny, tiny downtown of Bay St. Louis is a treasure trove of chill vibes. One of its prettiest jewels is the Mockingbird Cafe, where New Orleans native Chef Julie Ragusa offers a menu of simple, classic breakfast and lunch options.

We chatted with Chef Julie to see what culinary revelations stints in Belgium, New Orleans and London have brought her.


  1. … you are down for decadent indulgence?

Belgian frites with mammoetsaus (mammoth sauce), a sundried tomato-infused mayo that you find in fritte shops all over Flanders, where I lived for several years. Paired with La Chouffe or a Duvel, the world could be ending and I wouldn’t notice.


  1. … you’re on your best dietary behavior?

My favorite is a mix of baby spinach and arugula topped with homemade ginger and miso dressing. Throw in some purple cabbage for color and toasted walnuts to make you feel like a champ — and a small glass of red wine on the side is healthy, I hear.


  1. What’s your edible Achilles heel, the food whose seductive siren song you cannot resist?

I can never resist a warm, glazed apple fritter. Ever. The kind that has real apples. Sugary, fried and tart — perfectly good and bad at the same time.


Mockingbird Cafe

110 S. 2nd St

Bay St. Louis, Miss.



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Troy Coll is a New Orleans-born, Mississippi-raised investigator of all things gustatory. A 2007 graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi, Troy has written for a number of now-deceased Hattiesburg publications, along with and Signature Magazine. He also assisted in the efforts of Raise Your Pints, a grassroots organization dedicated to modernizing Mississippi’s draconian beer laws. By day, he runs Mr. Sippi Beverages, Hattiesburg-area bottled water provider. Otherwise you can find him roaming the South, with a glass in his hand and food in his mouth. His non-edible interests include meeting new dogs, making mix CD’s and tweeting a lot. Follow him across social media @TacoHole.

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