As a transplant Mississippian, my knowledge of music from this state was limited to the iconic blues artists and Elvis Presley. I was blown away when I discovered the depth, volume and diversity of music that comes from Mississippi: country, folk, bluegrass, rhythm and blues, alt-country, rock, jazz and every permutation of indie rock possible.

The Americana Music Triangle is a multi-state initiative dedicated to the global love of Americana music. The heart of this triangle is Mississippi. Of course, we Mississippians already knew this. Without Mississippi, there is no Americana. When visitors come to the state, the first thing that they want to know is where to go eat and where to see live music.

This month the VIsit Mississippi launched the Americana in Mississippi Tour, a free 16-city concert tour across the state featuring Rambling Steve Gardner and the Jericho Road Show and numerous talented local musicians from each region to give natives and town guests alike the joy of a true Mississippi musical experience. We will be filming the tour with interviews from musicians, fans, guests, restauranteurs and others. See the April tour schedule below, and for more information, check out or

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April 5 @ Webster’s Food and Drink, Greenwood

April 7 @ The Alley on Cotton Row, Cleveland

April 14 @ Ground Zero, Clarksdale

April 19 @ The Rosenzweig Arts Center, Columbus

April 21 @ Club Ebony, Indianola

April 26 @ Ritz Theater, West Point

April 28 @ Blue Canoe, Tupelo


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