Dime’s Creative of the Week: James Roy Sims

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In-demand floral designer, James Roy Sims, has been living in Hattiesburg only a year, but his talents are in full bloom. His dedication to his craft, high-design sensibility and ‘rose-colored’ personality have made quite an impression on the ‘Burg’s downtown community.

Green Thumbin’
His love affair with plants blossomed while tending his aunt’s garden as a child in Bay Springs. After receiving a horticulture degree at MSU, he refined his natural gifts by skillfully interiorscaping the colorful vegetable and floral gardens at the Beau Rivage. James also holds a notoriously hard-to-get, official landscaper’s license.

Flowers by James Roy Sims. Photo by Stephanie Casey.

Flowers by James Roy Sims. Photo by Stephanie Casey.

Blooms and Botany

As the lead designer at Blooms (located in the ‘Burg’s Bakery Building), it’s James’ intuitive listening skills, openness and desire to meet his customer’s needs that have garnered him bushels of clients.

“My favorite thing about my job is helping people,” he said. “Witnessing a bride smile, cry, or both, when she sees her bouquet brings me joy.”

Aesthetically speaking, the 27 year-old, whose essential flower is the lustrous Ranunculus, says he’s far less technical, preferring an “outdoors-in” approach to floral design.  “I like to think about how a plant would be in nature.”

Lawn of the Month … Not yet

The new home owner and his three (yes, three) toy poodles, moved to The Avenues district of Hattiesburg in February and claims to still be unpacking due to his hectic work schedule.

“My new home has one pot and overgrown grass,” he laughs and adds, “I’d eventually like to have an herb garden because I love to cook.”

I’ll Tumble For Ya
While creating breathtaking bouquets and bold, architectural, centerpieces is his passion, James also teaches classes once a week in gymnastics, tumbling and cheerleading to children and teens. “I enjoy working with children and watching them progress.”

He likes working with children, loves to cook, connects with nature, makes beautiful things with his hands… It’s hard not to adore this tulip-toiling sweet man!

Daylily Day Trippin’
Free time is rare, but this busy bee’s ideal day is having brunch in New Orleans, preferably somewhere with a stout Moscow mule, then traipsing to the edge of the French Quarter for a weird and wonderful stop at American Aquatic Gardens, an exotic nursery and gift shop.

James’ flowery Instagram spotlights his recent work and brightens even the dullest of days! Floral design classes starting soon. Follow him: @jrs557

Photo by Stephanie Casey.

Photo by Stephanie Casey.


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