Unleashing the Twerk

Unleashing the Twerk


Dangerously delicious, The Queen Diva herself defied all odds and bounced into the heart of Hattiesburg  March, releasing the wiggle and jiggle of every colorful soul that graced the entrance of Ben Shemper’s The Dollar Box. An eclectic assortment of vivid lip colors, wild outfits and booty shorts swarmed to see Big Freedia are her intimidatingly beautiful and talented group of dancers. Equally elegant and sassy, Freedia shared her vivacious personality and true message with us before the show.

Amy Allegrezza: If you could twerk anywhere in the world, where would you twerk?

Big Freedia: At the white house, on the front steps so the whole world could see because you know as soon as I cross over the gate everybody gone be able to see because all of the secret service gonna be running out. Just right in front of Obama and Michelle.


AA: With Obama though, right?

BF: Yeah, definitely.

AA: And Michelle… if she can twerk in that dress?

BF: (laughs) Yes!

AA: Because the dresses are so fitted.

BF: (laughs) Yes, thank you!


AA: What is the most beautiful thing about you as a person, from your perspective?

BF: My personality. You know, I’m such a humble spirit and people just love me for my personality and just being myself.


AA: What’s the most valuable advice that you could give to the youth of America?

BF: Be real, be who you want to be, be yourself. Be true to yourself, stay real to yourself. Just be who you are, just be free.


AA: Be Free-dia!

BF: (laughs) Yes!


AA: If you could have a pool full of crawfish, jello or bbq which would you pick? To swim in… eat, whatever!

BF: Jello. I mean, If I am getting in the pool, I don’t wanna be with crawfish and I don’t wanna smell like barbeque so I would prefer the jello.


AA: What kind of Jello?

BF: Any kind of Jello. Strawberry…orange…it could be a variety of jellos…a little lime. (laughs)


AA: What did you ask for on your *rider today?

BF: My normal. Ciroc, finger sandwiches, red bulls, coke, sprite, oreos, doritos.


AA: Hell yeah, so is that your drink of choice, ciroc and red bull?

BF: No, P Ciroc straight.


AA: What is the best pick up line you have gotten and given?

BF: A girl never tells their secrets!

AA: Ohhhh so classy!


AA: So what inspired Twerkloose?

BF: The show getting canceled in Mississippi. It inspired us to come Twerk-loose!


AA: What is your response to [ABC liquor law restriction] if you have one?

BF: I’m just happy to be here, me and my team, to show off for our fans in Mississippi and that’s what it’s all about. We travel the world to make people have a good time and to feel bounce music and to be aware of the culture of New Orleans and that is what it is about at the end of the day for me. To come wherever my fans request me, to give them a hell of a show so that they can remember and have the time of their life and that is all that matters.


AA: What is the “Mississippi is a right to twerk state” shirt for?

BF: Just to inspire people. Everybody has the right to be who they want to be, to be free and dance, freedom of speech, freedom of expression. Everybody has the right to do what they choose in this world and my shirt represents that and I wanted to do something special for the fans in Mississippi because the show got canceled and we are here and we are not going anywhere and so I wanted them to have something to remember. They can say I went to the Freedia show and I got a Mississippi twerkin’ shirt, you know, from Freedia, so me and my team we just, you know like I said, we are here for the fans and that is most important.


AA: What can we expect from Twerkloose that’s different than any other show that you have had?

BF: Tonight we gonna really just go in and have a good time and like do some things we have never done and you know hopefully that this venue will allow us to just be ourselves and be free tonight.


AA: Do you have a huge hand in everything that is going on?

BF: Always, it’s my production and I entrust different people with my production but I am the overseer and I am the boss and I make sure that when it is time I am there and I am aware of everything. I watch everything, I watch all of the dancers, their moves, you know, their attitudes, you know, cause I try to keep everybody on one accord and one page and that is very important when you have a team of so many personalities, it takes just the littlest thing to tick some body off, then the whole spirit of the group is messed up. That’s why the prayer was so powerful, they all was up there kind of in tears, you know, cause they know how I get and so I just try to stay connected with my team but my hand is in everything.


“I’m excited about tonight and ready to twerk my ass off” and that is exactly what commenced. A night of sweat and smiles that left my face sore, giving new meaning to serving face. The humans swinging from the rafters proved that regardless of oppression and restriction, Mississippi will not let anyone keep us from gyrating all night because “Freedia’s that queen that’ll make you bounce!”

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Feisty and fearless, Amy Allegrezza hails from Jackson, Mississippi. She's a Southern Miss graduate, has been a Hattiesburlesque dancer, and her schedule is packed with new encounters. This little Italian loves life, adventure and the occasional Crooked Letter Mystery Romp. What will come next of her? Stay tuned to find out.

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