The Weekender’s Tax Refund Worthy Picks

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We asked Dime Fashion Editor, Adam Myrick, to help us spend our tax refund. Hint: School loans, car payments, and credit card debt didn’t make the cut.

Handpicked for DIME, here they are:

Linen Stripe Short $38.00 Shades $14.50 Fringe Sandal $28.50

Linen Stripe Short $38.00
Shades $14.50
Fringe Sandal $28.50

“I’ve fallen in love with linen again,” says Myrick. We have too! These fancy- free nautical striped shorts will compliment a plain white tee or that 70s inspired plunge halter you’ve been waiting to break out.

Leave the flip-flops at home and opt for these flat metallic fringe sandals. Top it off with a pair of mirrored sunnies, in bold hues. Both easy and inexpensive updates to your Spring look.


Lady Stripe Tote $66.00

This playful pinup tote reminds me of the sultry Hattiesburlesque ladies’ cheeky revue seen just a few weeks ago. Carry it and channel your inner Bettie Page!

Jersey Stripe Dress $48.00

Jersey Stripe Dress $48.00

Black and white stripes forever exude cool thanks to David Bowie. This maxi dress is both comfortable and chic. Myrick adds, “Maxi dresses are versatile, great for both busy moms and students. The empire waist also makes it super flattering.”



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