The Prickly Hippie is a full-service florist based in Madison, sought after for specialty succulent and cacti arrangements planted in vintage finds that have been repurposed. Owner Jenni Sivils specializes in Mississippi grown succulents and cacti. She also teaches classes on creating succulent/cacti wreaths and arrangements. Brides request her handmade centerpieces, floral crowns, boutonnieres and bouquets for weddings and special occasions.

Arrangements can vary in price from $8 to $200 depending on the order. And there’s a bonus for your green obsession — each month, a portion of the proceeds from The Prickly Hippie sales are donated to a local Mississippi charity.

ANDIE SZABO: Where did you come up with the name The Prickly Hippie?

JENNI SIVILS: I wanted a witty, play-on-words kind of name, and the idea of “The Prickly Hippie” just popped in my head one day. I thought it was funny because cacti and succulents can be quite prickly and most everyone who loves gardening has a little bit of “hippie” in their soul. I also loved the fact that hippies aren’t known for their smooth-shaven bodies, so a hippie can be quite prickly as well! I am most definitely a hippie at heart and feel that the name fits the vibe of my brand. The fact that most all planters used are vintage and upcycled — and that I’m growing these beauties myself, with dirt under my fingernails and love in my heart for the plants and the customers — it just all seemed perfectly fitting.

AS: Where are your products available?

JS: Right now, my products are available online at (And yes, I ship!) I also set up shop on Saturdays at Mississippi Farmers Market on High Street in Jackson. As summer approaches, The Prickly Hippie Pop-Up Shop can be found at some of Fondren’s First Thursday’s events and many Southern Arts & Crafts festivals. I am also working with quite a few local storefronts to carry my products.


AS: Are special orders available?

JS: Absolutely! Special orders are my favorite! There are quite a few different types of special orders placed with The Prickly Hippie. I have had some customers bring meaningful items that they’d like me to turn into a planter, fill with cacti and succulents, and deliver back to them. I also have customers looking for a specific style planter — or even just a specific type of succulent/cacti — and I happily fulfill those orders as well. I also fulfill floral orders for weddings and special events, and I even rent out Prickly Hippie arrangements for events.


AS: Why did you choose to donate a portion of your sales?

JS: It means the world to me to be able to give back, even if only a little, to those so deserving. When a customer purchases a Prickly Hippie, not only are they getting a one-of-a-kind arrangement, they are starting an adventure of loving and nurturing something from the Earth, something that is purifying their air and growing in beautiful ways, AND they are giving back to the community around them. It is a very beautiful thing.


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