If the underground grunge babes of the ’80s and ’90s merged and birthed an angelic musical child in the 21st century, Dream Cult would be that babe. This eclectic quintet of indie-pop-rock cuties collaborate to shed a dreamy light on their devoted followers. With influences like Elton John, The Cure, The Killers and a myriad of others, Hayden Boyd (vocals/guitar), Salar Almakky (vocals/bass), Travis Bass (guitar), Cody Bass (drums) and Justin Moreira (vocals/keys/guitar) provide a kaleidoscopic view of the icons who paved the way for them.

Electric vibes are evident while they are on stage, but the personalities exposed behind the scenes are what reverberate. These delightful tune daddies let their tour stories relentlessly pour from their memories as they divulged some of the strangest happenings they experienced during their time as a band. Incidents labeled “magical hobo” in Shreveport, “attempted murder?” in New Jersey and tales from the wondrous city of “Pukeville” New York beg the question, what can’t these hooligans handle? The answer is nothing.

The band’s specialty is attempting to reenact Man vs. Food in every city they take over. They suggested New York food trucks, Vino’s, and many others that they have no problem naming off to any interested parties.

New friends beware: you’ll be required to perform stand-­up comedy while being ruthlessly booed until the band cracks a laugh, at which point initiation is over and you are “not the weakest link.”

The mention of fangirls brought rolls of laughter. The craziest thing a girl has given them?

“I don’t know any girls,” said Salar.

“Nothing, because we are losers,” said Travis.

Though the honeys may not be sending them keepsakes on the reg, a New York cat-van­burglar surely did by leaving a rock in place of Hayden’s guitar. The thief will forever hold a warm­-angry spot in their hearts.

“New York is awesome… but we got robbed,” summed Salar.

This was the interlude to an explanation on the mysterious land of “Pukeville” also known as Nyack, NY. After having their van robbed of prized equipment, they hustled through Times Square to retrieve new gear with the financial help of their adoring fans back home in Mississippi. A fresh bass and guitar in hand, the guys barely made it to Nyack but were jolted by the stomach churning hello the city gave them.

“Everybody else was throwing up in that town, we were just witnessing it,” said Justin.

“In a span of, like, 15 minutes, there were over 12 people puking,” said Travis.

Cody jumped in with his take: “I watched a guy walk out of the first bar we saw and immediately throw up on the hood of his car right before we saw a different guy walking down the street throw up on the front of a business.”

Hayden unfortunately witnessed the next spew from a girl at a restaurant where they were eating. He states that, “she took a shot and threw up all over the table next to us.”

The tumultuous laughter simmered as the responses became heart-­felt.


When asked what message Dream Cult wants to send, Justin simplified the gist.

“It’s all about the stories,” he said. “It’s all about what we can do to make each other laugh, so just be yourself.”

Their full-­length record dubbed “Weekend” will be released July 29 under their label, Old Flame Records. True fans will religiously listen to every lyric and show this fab five some serious lovin’ at their upcoming show on August 4 at Sneaky Beans during Fondren’s First Thursday.

Listen to Dream Cult on SoundCloud, Bandcamp and Spotify.

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