Tacos and Tequila at the Hattiesburg Zoo gallery

The mere thought of consuming tacos and tequila together while surrounded by creatures at the Hattiesburg Zoo is more excitement than some of us can handle. For a lucky 350 ticket holders to Tacos & Tequila on June 16, it was just the right answer to a 106 degree heat index. The special event featured a five-course tapas style experience of unique Mexican-inspired dishes, including elotes (street corn) and pork carnitas, paired with tequila-based cocktails, like the agave colada sno-cone that packed a punch. Salsa dancing was led by Hattiesburg Ballroom & Beyond. A highlight of the evening was a piñata delivery to the Sumatran Tiger exhibit. Tiger brothers Kuasa and Cinta destroyed their toys and then went for a dip.

Photos by Courtland Wells


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