July 2016

By Morgan Breunle


“You’re a WHAT?!” “Don’t you miss bacon? “Where do you get your protein?” I’ve been asked these questions dozens of times since moving to Mississippi. Most of the people I’ve met since leaving Orlando haven’t met a vegan or even been exposed to veganism.

So what exactly is veganism?

By definition? Veg·an: / vēɡən / noun — a person who does not eat or use animal products.

But more importantly, veganism is a lifestyle choice. Deciding to avoid all forms of animal byproducts is not a resolution to make on the fly. Vegans abstain from consuming animals in any form in order to minimize cruelty to and exploitation of animals. This includes red meat, pork, poultry, fish, seafood and shellfish — not the mention all forms of dairy, eggs and even honey.

Every season new television series come and go. Some are cancelled only to be brought back, such as Family Guy, whilst others ­ once full of promise­ linger in obscurity. I’m looking at you Heroes. Then, there are those rare shows that were just too ahead of their time for the audiences they were being presented to. The show’s listed below were all risky in one way or another, and if there’s one thing television executives love, it’s a safe bet that panders to its audience. How the hell else do you explain crap like Two and A Half Men lasting for twelve seasons?

When venturing down Capitol Street in the city of Jackson, one can’t help but stop and admire the historic brick buildings that line the sidewalks. Parlor Market, located at 115 West Capitol Street, has a rich history of serving Southern food to Jacksonians and many others since 1898. The building once housed a grocery called Parlor Market, and when then owner, the late Craig Noone, decided to start a restaurant in the vintage brick building in 2010, he decided to honor its original name.

With his quiet demeanor, laid back temperament and boyish features, it’s easy to imagine contemporary artist Ricardo Moody as a child, arms and elbows atop a table, engrossed in his drawings. The artist could easily go unnoticed in a crowded room, except that his personal style speaks volumes.

When I arrive at Ricardo’s home, he is wearing a Hurley x Tim Hendricks tee, red vintage Nike low tops, a Milkcrate Athletics 5-panel hat and hipster approved denim. I didn’t know God made teachers like this. He is way cooler (and cuter) than the schoolmarmish educators who walked my high school’s halls.

San Diego post-hardcore quartet Pierce the Veil was formed in 2006 by brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes. They recently released their new album Misadventures, the long awaited follow-up album to Collide the Sky. Drummer Mike Fuentes took some time out of their sold-out touring schedule to tell DIME all about their new album, crazy fan experiences and how they got Matt Pinfield to be in their new music video.

The Mississippi music scene is quickly expanding outside of the country roots the rest of the world expects to find within our borders. Indie-rock, pop, hip-hop, shoegaze, jazz, hardcore-punk, grunge, electronica, folk — name any genre and you’ll find Mississippians making a name in each one. Hattiesburg-based band The DŁX is no exception. Although the group has only released two songs, just those eight minutes alone are enough to have any listener begging for more.