Dubbed one of the “Top 12 Bands to See on Warped Tour” by MTV, The Heirs have launched onto the music scene with their EP Ecliptic, featuring the infectious single “Alright Goodnight,” a song fit for a modern day Breakfast Club soundtrack. While currently working on the follow-up album to Ecliptic, the band, an L.A.-based electronic pop band fronted by siblings Brandon and Savannah Hudson, recently released the single and video for “What You Want,” labeled the “ultimate feel-good pop song for the summer” by Teen Vogue.

Band members Brandon Hudson (lead vocals/guitar), Savannah Hudson (lead vocals), Alex Flagstad (guitar), Eian McNeely (bass/keys) and Brennan Benko (drums) sat down with DIME at the New Orleans Vans Warped Tour to chat about everything from life after America’s Got Talent to their reactions of the season finale of Game of Thrones and the controversial antics of Kanye West.


JENN DEVEREAUX: Some might recognize you as Brandon and Savannah from America’s Got Talent. How have you matured as musicians since then?

BRANDON HUDSON: America’s Got Talent was a growing experience. We were little kids. I was 13 years old and Savannah was 11, and it was just a really great growing experience for us to learn how to perform on big stages and interact with fans. The Heirs is like our real thing. Brandon and Savannah was figuring out what we were doing, and now this is our band. These are our homies, and we love making music together. It’s a really steady growth, but now we’re here and it’s a very cool “now” to be in.


JD: How is Warped different from the other tours you have been on?

SAVANNAH HUDSON: Oh! It’s completely different. It’s basically like you wake up and you grind at 7 am. If you don’t tell people to come to your show, most likely you’re not going to have a lot of people at your show. So you have to wake up, meet these fans and poster up your posters telling what time you’re playing your set. There’s just so much interaction all day long.

BRENNAN BENKO: Not to mention the last tour we did before this was on the East Coast in February, and it was freezing the whole time, and now we are baking hot.

ALEX FLAGSTAD: It’s a different kind of grind I think. The Warped Tour grind is a lot more fun. It’s more interactive with meeting people and getting to know the fanbase a lot better, whereas previously it’s like carrying your gear in and out of vans.


JD: Your EP Ecliptic is getting really great reviews and the song “Alright Goodnight” is such a catchy single. Did you know that was going to be a big hit when you wrote it?

SH: It was actually one of the first songs Brandon and I wrote as The Heirs.

BH: Yeah, it was the first song that kind of came about.

SH: That’s kind of all it was to us, like, this is the first song. This is what we can put out. I’m glad that it’s getting good reviews.

BH: We’ve definitely grown since then. Everything is a stepping stone, and we are just continuing to climb that staircase. “Alright Goodnight” was definitely the first piece that we made for that project, and we are super thankful for the hype that it got. And now with “What You Want”, our new single, we are very excited for all the great reviews it’s gotten as well. We love playing that one live so whoever is coming out to the shows, we hope you guys sing along to it.


JD: Are you writing new material or looking to release a full album anytime soon?

SH: Oh, yes! We are constantly writing. As a band that is on tour, there is just so much inspiration. When we get back from tour, we will be brainstorming a lot.


JD: Do you guys write on the road, too?

BH: We’re getting there. I feel like Warped Tour has been such a grind and that we are working so much…

SH: And it’s only Day 4, too, and we have, like, 50 days left, so I think it will happen eventually.


JD: Brandon and Savannah, since you are siblings, do you get along for the most part while traveling together or do you have some epic knock-down-drag-outs?

SH: I think that’s a question to ask these guys. <laughs>

AF: They are pretty civil for the most part. There’s definitely some older brother/younger sister moments in there, a little bit of harmless torture, but other than that they get along better than most siblings I’ve ever seen.

BH: Well, it’s funny because we’ve all spent so much time together recently, and it’s really crazy how much time you spend with people and then how close you really get with them. So I feel like we are all really close like siblings at this point. We all pick on each other and make stupid jokes and shoot each other with Nerf guns.

SH: It’s like having 4 older brothers.


JD: Have you ever Googled yourself, and, if you have, did you ever find anything interesting or not true?

SH: Korean TV show!

BH: Guys, it’s not just a TV show, it’s a Soap Opera.

SH: If you just Google or hashtag ‘The Heirs’, we’re there but…

Eian McNeely: We’re almost beating them, but they are still the number one search. Also there is an Instagram account, and it’s one of my favorites that some fan made called The Fake Heirs Facts. They post like pictures of us…

SH: …and untrue things.

EM: Like Brennan ate a dinosaur and had to have it removed from his belly button.


JD: I heard you guys are big fans of Kanye West, and I think that’s pretty obvious by the amazing cover you did of “Love Lockdown.” Have you had a chance to see his new controversial video “Famous” yet, and what did you think about it?

BH: We can’t find it anywhere. Do you have it?

SH: I thought it had gotten taken down.


JD: I think it’s on Tidal.

EM: Ok, we need to watch it when we get back.

BB: We’ve seen all the press photos and everything.

SH: Apparently T-Swift is not very happy.

BH: People are either super pissed about it or really intrigued about the art he is creating, and that’s kind of what he has been doing for the last several years. That is an interesting take on a modern artist and a modern tastemaker. Some people find it repulsive, but I find it interesting.


JD: Has Kanye reached out yet to tell you what he thinks of the cover?

SH: No. <Laughs>

BH: He follows no one on Twitter or Instagram.

SH: I feel like if he reached out to us we would be like, “Wait, what!?”


JD: Name one embarrassing fact about each other

EM: I’ve got a good one for Savannah. Savannah, as a child, was known to have a lot of hair, like body hair.


JD: Is this from The Fake Heirs Facts?

SH: No, I was a really hairy baby. I’m Italian. <Laughs>

AF: I’ve got one for Brennan. Brennan has very stinky feet.

SH: I have one from Brandon. He checks his hair more than the average girl.

BH: I’ve got one for Alex. This isn’t embarrassing. It’s actually really sick. He’s extremely wielded with a Nerf gun, and Eian is a great abstract dancer. He’s very wiggly.

SH: Yeah, he’s like a stripper and better than most girls can dance.


JD: I noticed from your Twitter that you all are big Game of Thrones fans…



JD: What did you think of last night’s episode?

SH: Brennan isn’t caught up yet, so all I’m going to say is Arya, yes! Khaleesi, yes! Jon Snow, yes! Cersei is a badass bitch.

EM: We were screaming at the TV all night.

SH: The bus next door to us, bus 79, was like, “I heard you guys screaming last night,” and I was like, “Sorry we were watching Game of Thrones.” <laughs>


JD: What Game of Thrones house do you most identify with?

AF: Stark!

EM: The Greyjoys.

SH: Honestly, I just want to be that chick that follows Khaleesi around because she never gets hurt or gets into arguments or anything.


JD: I heard you guys like scary movies too.

AF: This is a fun interview!

SH: We like shitty scary movies.

EM: I love horror movies in general. I think in recent years, the first Insidious movie was hands down…

BH: On our last tour, we stopped at a truck stop and bought the most dumb looking [scary movies].

SH: Like, “Pumpkinhead!”


JD: What’s next for The Heirs?

SH: Lots of new music. Getting through this tour will be a big accomplishment for us.

BH: We are selling an exclusive CD on Warped Tour that has our new single ‘What You Want’ on it and a B-Side called Lungs. There’s going to be a lot of new music we will be making when we get home, new music videos and new content. Just stay posted on our site www.TheHeirsMusic.com and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. We have a lot coming up, and we are super excited and thankful.

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A Mississippi native, Jennifer grew up with a camera in her hand and a passion for music. She moved from Starkville to Hattiesburg in 2006 and while working at a large electronics retailer, soon began pursuing her dream of photographing some of the biggest names in music history including, Paramore, KISS, Slash and Foo Fighters. When she is not in the photo pit shooting rock stars, she’s skating on the flat track as a veteran jammer for the Hub City Derby Dames or helping take care of her three mini me’s with her husband, Scott.

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