Hattiesburg Saenger Theater hosts critically acclaimed mentalist and magician, Paul Draper


The Hattiesburg Saenger Theater will put on a magical event later this month, featuring award-winning mentalist/magician Paul Draper.
Draper will be performing on Thursday, September 22 at 7 p.m. His show, entitled “Mysteries of the Mind,” combines the art of magic and his scientific background in anthropology to dazzle guests and leave them guessing.

“The best part of performing (and teaching) is the opportunity to see fireworks go off in the eyes of my audience—marvelous moments of amazement and astonishment,” Draper said. “There is nothing like experiencing a live performance. The audience becomes the stars of the show. Every show is different.”

Prior to becoming a magician and mentalist, Draper taught anthropology and communications at the university level. Since then he has worked as a house magician at the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas, appeared on a number of tv shows and guest lectured at Yale University and other notable locations.

“Everyone has genius, yet we are all more similar than we think,” Draper said. “I can tell you what people are thinking, and I can teach you how.”

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