One of Mississippi’s most promising filmmakers is making his major film debut as writer and director of the haunting, abortion-themed thriller Blessed Are The Children.

Chris Moore, 26, has had a passion for horror and thriller films since he was in grade school. It all started when he was exposed to the 1953 Andre de Toth directed House of Wax. He noticed when watching the film that it did not scare him, but rather, it intrigued him. He was a very scared child, growing up being afraid of a number of things.

“When I was a kid, believe it or not, I was a scaredy-cat,” Moore said. “I could walk into the horror section of the video store and have night terrors.”

After overcoming this dilemma, Chris discovered his passion for film. He started working on his “first” film at the age of ten, using minimal lights and a stereo for the accompanying score. He doesn’t credit this project as his debut, though, instead giving that honor to a film he began creating at the age of 13 entitled Northwood. Fours years later, after being renamed The House of Covered Mirrors, Chris had a film that could only be described as an homage to the 70’s Italian giallo films, centering around a blood-drenched young man who has to find out what happened to him with the help of a psychiatrist who finds more than she bargained for.

He considers all of his past work as learning opportunities that lead him to successfully piece together Blessed, which was inspired by his time in Catholic school.

“When I was in 7th or 8th grade, I remember hearing about abortion for the first time,” Chris said. “They were taking it really seriously, so I thought: what if someone took it, like, really seriously and started targeting people who got abortions? It was a small thing that I kind of wrote down and didn’t really think that much about.”

After graduating from film school, Chris went on to work in theater, portraying a wide array of characters and falling in love with the atmosphere of live shows. He then returned to the idea of the “abortion movie” and decided to work on the film, which eventually morphed into Blessed Are The Children.

Blessed Are The Children, starring Kaley Ball, Keni Bounds and Arian Thigpen, follows the story of a young woman who returns home after breaking up with her abusive fiance. She discovers she is pregnant and decides to terminate the pregnancy, which leads to some unwanted attention from anti-abortion protesters, who threaten the lives of her and her friends. The film makes its official debut in Jackson at the Alamo Theater on Saturday, November 5.

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