FFT x Jackson Indie Music Week: Culture By Design

The October edition of Jackson’s monthly street festival, Fondren’s First Thursday, was a special affair. The event was organized by the team that coordinates Jackson Indie Music Week and featured four stages named after each of the artistic hotspots of Jackson: Fondren, Downtown, Midtown and Belhaven.

Each stage featured musical performances and visual art from the creatives that call each district home. The attendance was lower than expected due to the Mississippi State Fair having come into town the day before but there was still plenty of support for the talented artists in Fondren’s streets.

There were performances from Dolla Black, Coke Bumaye, Kerry Thomas, Dream Cult, 5th Child, Alex Fraser and Micah Smith of Empty Atlas. The visual artists included Justin Ransburg, Adrienne Domnick, Will Brooks, Melissa Bryant, Chris Bowron and Emily Sabree.

There were even a few surprises … a 15-year-old kid took the Midtown Stage and performed his music while still in his school uniform. The crowd went wild at the exhibition of raw talent.

Overall, the event was a great way to see the variety of music and art culture that Jackson has to offer. It also helped to provide insight on how the various areas of the city have unique influence on the artists that come from them.



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