November 2016

[eltdf_dropcaps type="square" color="#ffffff" background_color="#000000"]"So,[/eltdf_dropcaps] uhh, what's with the skirt?" It was always the same question, or a variation of it, usually accompanied by a stifled snigger. And I always knew it was coming when I walked up and saw what I was certain was a section

[eltdf_dropcaps type="square" color="#ffffff" background_color="#000000"]W[/eltdf_dropcaps]hat's yours is mine and what's mine is, well, mostly still mine. It's not true for most things in relationships, but it sure seems true when it comes to wardrobes. Most guys only wear their own clothes, but every girl out there is

Backdoor Coffeehouse, founded by David Walker and Paul Laughlin in 2006, is an artistic event that has taken place in Hattiesburg for 10 years now, featuring a number of singers, songwriters, artists, writers and even comedians on occasion. Housed by University Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, Backdoor Coffeehouse has become a phenomenon for people in this college town. Once a month the promoters of Backdoor Coffeehouse put on a one-of-a-kind show for audience members, free of charge, funded by donors and sponsors. Donations are accepted, unless it’s your first time showing up. In that case, Walker advises newcomers not to give any kind of donation — except a listening ear.

Massachusetts punk trio Potty Mouth is a modern reincarnation of the 90s alternative music scene. Although they draw many of their musical influences from the 90s feminist Riot Grrrl movement, this band deserves to be recognized for their talents and not as an anomaly, the fate most commonly pinned to girl-fronted bands. Potty Mouth is paving the path for a new era of female musicians. Even their merch shirts are a prime example of that, proudly stating “Gender Does Not Equal Genre.” It a shock and an inspiration to see a band from such unassuming DIY beginnings skyrocketing onto the radar of Alternative Press, Elle and Nylon Magazine, as well as landing a spot on the widely popular Lollapalooza Festival lineup. DIME sat down with lead vocalist/guitarist Abby Weems, bassist Ally Einbinder and drummer Victoria Mandanas on a sweltering Atlanta afternoon to talk about misogyny in the current music scene, shaking up the status quo and one of their favorite bands, Veruca Salt.

Los Angelos-based rock band Dorothy may be new to the music scene, but that hasn’t stopped them from hitting the ground running. In fact, there’s a good chance that you’ve already heard some of their music without even really knowing it, considering their songs have been featured in commercials for Gatorade and Levi’s, hit television shows like Orange is the New Black and Pretty Little Liars and, most recently, in the movie trailer for the new Jonah Hill film War Dogs. And if that didn’t make you want to run out and get their new album ROCKISDEAD, then maybe the fact that Rolling Stone listed them as the “10 New Artists You Need to Know” will peak your interest. Lead singer, and the band’s namesake, Dorothy Martin chatted with DIME about ghost hunting, what it’s like to be on Jay Z’s label and the best advice she’s ever gotten from Lzzy Hale.