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Backdoor Coffeehouse, founded by David Walker and Paul Laughlin in 2006, is an artistic event that has taken place in Hattiesburg for 10 years now, featuring a number of singers, songwriters, artists, writers and even comedians on occasion. Housed by University Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, Backdoor Coffeehouse has become a phenomenon for people in this college town. Once a month the promoters of Backdoor Coffeehouse put on a one-of-a-kind show for audience members, free of charge, funded by donors and sponsors. Donations are accepted, unless it’s your first time showing up. In that case, Walker advises newcomers not to give any kind of donation — except a listening ear.

“The first time you come, I don’t want you to make a donation,” Walker said. “If you liked it, then you can donate the next time you come in, if you want.”

The event was born solely with the help of volunteers, but has since been assisted by the University of Southern Mississippi’s recording industry production department. The students set up sound equipment and cameras to gain practical experience to add to their resume. Dr. Jonathan Pluskota, a professor at the university, leads the students each month.

The Back Door Coffeehouse @ UBC 3200 Arlington Loop, Hattiesburg, MS 39401, (601) 264 – 6908

The upcoming lineup for Backdoor Coffeehouse is packed with immense talent and outstanding writing. This month,  Backdoor Coffeehouse will host the second annual TRIPOD 2016, a two-day event showcasing artists, writers and performances by The Mulligan Brothers, Sarah Bryan Lewis, Cary Hudson, Thomas Jackson and Scott Chism & The Better Half.

When there’s not a musical act onstage, there are still plenty of other things to take part in, like poetry and songwriting workshops on Saturday, Nov. 12. These workshops will be lead by Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter Tricia Walker, and writer/poet/photographer Sharon Gerald. There will also be a cardboard sculpture show by co-founder David Walker.

“It’s going to be a great time,” Walker said. “There’s going to be a lot of really great art and experiences that will be well worth the time.”

Backdoor Coffeehouse will take place every month and is a great place to go for both caffeine and amazing entertainment.


  • November 11-12: TRIPOD 2016
  • December 2: Lisa Mills
  • January 13: Claire Holley with Jonathan Kingham
  • February 3: Scott Ainslie
  • March 3: Andrew McKnight
  • April: TBA
  • May 5: Pierce Pettis
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