Fall Looks for Him that You’ll Need to Steal

What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is, well, mostly still mine. It’s not true for most things in relationships, but it sure seems true when it comes to wardrobes. Most guys only wear their own clothes, but every girl out there is grabbing T-shirts to lounge in, boxer shorts to sleep in, and, of course, hoodies for snuggling. With two people using one wardrobe, things can get worn out quickly. If your guy is in need of a few new pieces, here are some trending fall styles that will make him look great and are still super comfy for all of the garment thieves out there.

Uniquely Crafted Sweaters
Sweaters are a classic fall staple. This season, trends seem to lean more toward traditional fall shades like red, but darker, winter tones like black, gray and navy have made early appearances as well. Colors are seasonal and the cut is simple, but the stitch patterns and fabric are what really makes your sweater stand out. This gallery of winter designs from COS has a variety of sweaters that you’re both sure to love. One design is a ribbed trim, thick stitch sweater that blends a traditional look with a unique feature. It’s not made of wool or cotton and, instead, is actually created with a cozy alpaca-blend. For him, a smart pair of dark trousers and any shoes from sneakers to loafers will look great with the top, and for you, a pair of skinnies and a hot beverage will complete the look.

Anorak Jackets

For some reason, a women’s anorak is more like a parka, and a men’s anorak is more like a windbreaker. Both have a waterproof, exterior shell, but women’s pieces are commonly filled with insulation like goose feathers to retain maximum heat, while men’s styles are thinner with multiple layers that only retain a small amount of heat making them perfect for fall. When it’s raining out, you (or your guy) can quickly slip on a stylish anorak when you need to run a quick errand or take the dog out.

The jacket itself is trendy these days, but the specific styles are varied. All kinds of different patterns and colors are great, but a dark, olive green seems to be the most popular solid-colored option. One list has multiple pictures for inspiration on how to wear and pair this wonderful winter coat so you can both look great all season long.

Wool, Flannel and Corduroy Hats

Although shaped like one, these aren’t your man’s normal baseball hats (although those are kind of fun to wear too). This season’s fall hats are free of logos and snapbacks (as well as food and sweat stains). These are polished hats made from rich, heavy fabrics like wool, flannel and corduroy. They can give your outfit an upscale look instead of toning it down with a regular cap.

Guys can wear them with a pair of nice jeans or slacks, a scarf and a dark-colored duffle coat for a trendy, yet sophisticated fall look. And for ladies they look great with your hair down, a scarf, a pair of jeans and a long-sleeve button up shirt like a flannel. Your guy probably has a flannel you can borrow too (hint, hint). You can find several trendy ensembles on this site for more ideas on how to style your chapeau.

Okay, maybe we shouldn’t steal their clothes all the time, but how often do they take food off our plates? Sharing is caring, people.

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