Featured Artist | Golden Era: The Pop Artistry of Adrienne Domnick

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“I’m a hip-hop enthusiast, stuck in the golden era of the genre.”


Adrienne Domnick has carved a unique niche in the growing visual arts scene of Jackson. The Jackson native has a style that can easily be recognized from anywhere. She is proficient in multiple artistic disciplines, including photography, glasswork and painting, her most renowned medium. Her trademark pop art paintings have a minimalist approach that births pieces with extreme detail and liveliness.

“I love pop art because it’s controversial,” Domnick explained. “Some people don’t even consider it art and look down on it. Some people love it and easily find a connection with the piece.”

Domnick’s use of dark backgrounds versus light colors is visually arresting, drawing the viewer into the depths of those bold hues.

“I try to focus on the eyes so they strike you as soon as you view the portrait,” Domnick said.

Her subjects draw from her experience growing up in the 90s, and she often pays homage to the music and films that helped define that generation.

“I’m a golden age hip hop head and an album cover geek,” she said.

One of her first pieces was a portrait of The Notorious B.I.G. painted on cardboard as opposed to a traditional canvas. Her ability to meld iconic music and film images into something totally new and vibrant is astounding.

“My creative process is all over the place,” Domnick said. “That’s why I don’t do murals and live painting. I’m constantly moving, tweaking and recoloring.”

Adrienne has drawn inspiration from a number of sources — old books, photographs and vinyl album covers. She has created portraits that have featured musicians like Janelle Monae, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Erykah Badu and Miles Davis.

However, she doesn’t limit herself to simply displaying her musical tastes. Grace Jones, Basquiat, Spike Lee’s Mo Better Blues and the X-men’s Storm have all graced one of Domnick’s canvases. Pop culture through the eyes of Domnick is truly a captivating sight.

Despite the fact that her name and art are ubiquitous around the city, many people wouldn’t even recognize her walking down the street. But this isn’t an issue for her. The mystery adds to her brand.

“I’m a natural introvert, so I don’t really go all out trying to promote myself. I don’t want me as a person to overshadow my art,” she explained. “I want my style and brand to speak for itself.”

And this seems to hold true because coffee mugs, laptops, jackets and even walls are adorned with her creations among the art lovers of Jackson.

Adrienne was one of the first artists to grace the walls of Offbeat, an alternative store selling records, comics, apparel, music, collectible toys and even beer that has been affectionately dubbed the nexus of weirdos in Jackson. Her blend of music and art provided the perfect aesthetic for the quirky shop. The portraits and paintings breathed life into the store, allowing it to feel like a haven for the artistically inclined and their supporters. Her artwork was integral in invigorating the independent arts scene in the city.

Pop art artist and Jackson Mississippi native Adrienne Domnick.

“The thing about Offbeat is that my art is perfect for that setting. I sold every piece of art I placed in there when it first opened,” Domnick recalled. “Venom [Offbeat’s owner] and I developed a true friendship after that, and I’m thankful he gave me the opportunity. I feel like Offbeat is where my art resonates the most with people.”

Domnick held her exhibition Hip Hop Show Vol. 1 in 2014 at 133 Millsaps Ave. The show presented portraits of Lauryn Hill, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Kanye West and Mos Def.

She is also the former president of the Business Association of Midtown (BAM). During her time as president, she helped to plan, organize and execute a number of large scale events, including Midfest, The Holiday Studio Tours and her own in-studio art exhibit, that helped bring attention to the progression of the community of artist’s studios and businesses.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Not only has she excelled in breathing life into the canvas and the city of Jackson, but she is also a highly skilled photographer and glasswork craftsman. She maintains a day job as a glass artist and has worked on large scale projects like the restoration of the windows in the Jackson Capitol Building.

Her artwork stands out amongst the crowd and can be seen adorning walls, phones and laptops all over the city. She has been nominated for several “Best Of Jackson” Awards and continues to improve upon her craft with each new release.

“I feel like I take a rapper’s approach and apply it to my painting ethic,” she said. “I always try to build and innovate on my past work, and I always want people to see me growing as an artist.”

Adrienne unveiled her new installation Hip Hop Show Vol. 2 on November 25 at her very own gallery, AND Gallery, located in Jackson’s Midtown district. When asked what inspired her latest collection she responded:

“I’m a hip hop enthusiast, stuck in the golden era of the genre,” Domnick explained when asked what inspired her latest collection. “There are new artists that I like, but it’s rare that they get my creativity flowing the same way. I wanted to show people that I was a curator, and I wanted to present all-new, personal work.”

Domnick’s opening show featured live DJing from DJ Young Venom and merchandise emblazoned with Domnick’s earlier works.

“With the gallery, I hope to introduce a new contemporary venue for emerging artist to display their work. I look forward to putting together some creative and experimental shows that will feature work from myself and others. My partner Tyler Tadlock and I have been planning out this concept for two years and have the gallery ready for a soft opening in two months,” she said. “It took some extensive preparation, like building walls, painting and much more, but we got it done.”

Domnick is carving a legacy in the art world that is sure to be remembered, and her unique aesthetic and creative process will keep her in a lane all her own. She’s creating classics every time she steps up to the canvas and creating an art experience that will be unrivaled for plenty of time to come. It’s exciting to see such a young artist with so much talent and leadership ability making a name for herself.

“One of the main things that I’ve learned throughout my journey as a professional artist is it starts with you,” she said. “Block out the opinions of others and just do what makes you feel good. Put your passion into whatever it is that you’re creating and do you.”

Just by creating and following her passions, Domnick is helping to expand the platform of Jackson artists to brand new heights.
Check out Domnick’s exhibit Hip Hop Vol. 2, open until January 25, at AND Gallery, located at 133 Millsaps Avenue, Jackson, MS 39202.

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