Overflowing With Emotion: Your Pantone Palette for 2017


What happens when your emotions spill out of your head onto the blank canvas of your face? Pensacola makeup artists Nikki Delapena and Rachel Shaw bring the inside out for this exploration of 2017’s Pantone colors: Flame, Pale Dogwood and Lapis Blue. 



Zen Garden Blossom | Pale Dogwood



Semi-Precious Princess | Lapis Blue



The Girl On Fire | Flame


Photography by Jesus Nieves | Styling by Adam Myrick | Hair and makeup by Anna Mohrbacher, Nikki Gonzalez and Rachel Shaw of Cobalt Studio | Modeled by Alyssa Riley, Courtney Ruebel and Victoria Irene Watts | Clothing from Saturn Collection | Venue provided by Studio One Pensacola


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Adam Myrick is a Hattiesburg native twice removed (first to New York, now to Pensacola, Florida). Adam's work can often be found in the style pages of DIME. Adam finds comfort in travel, local advocacy, excessive magazine reading, and taking care of his clients, also known as Weekenders. Follow Adam on Instagram @helloweekender to sneak a peek into his world of wanderlust.

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