15 People More Qualified To Be President Than Donald Trump

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by DeeJay Rolison

Donald Trump takes office as the 45th President of the United States today. That is quite seriously one of the most haunting sentences I have ever had to type, and for that I apologize. He’s assuming the office held by some of the greatest leaders this country has ever seen – leaders like Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama (we miss you so much). While it can be argued how well these men did during their time as president, they all maintained a level of professionalism and decorum and they were qualified for the position. Donald Trump, however, is not.

It’s no surprise that President Trump’s impending rule is terrifying to a ton of people. More than half of the voting population of the United States voted for someone else, yet somehow he still gets to take that prestigious seat in the White House. Here’s a list of 15 people that are guaranteed to do a better job than Trump.

1. Michelle Obama

She’s definitely got more political experience. Her hands are proportionate to her body, and she has a brilliant platform of diminishing childhood obesity and promoting an active lifestyle.

2. Merly Streep

She is a 19-time Academy Award nominee (and took home 3 of those awards). This proves that she is credible and successful in her profession, something that Trump is not. She’s also capable of giving a well-educated, heartfelt speech that is inclusive and understanding. (see her 2017 Golden Globes speech.)

3. Ellen DeGenres

She’s consistent, funny, and cares about the LGBT community. Plus… can anyone dance better than Ellen? I THINK NOT.

4. RuPaul Charles

RuPaul is a pioneer and an innovator. His work for the LGBT community is monumental and he can rock six-inch pumps. Can Trump rock six-inch pumps? No. No he cannot.

5. Betty White

She’s a comedy legend, and all-American icon, and truly cares for this country. She’s also a Golden Girl who just turned 95. LEGEND.

6. Britney Spears

Okay, I might be a little biased here, but she is still better than Trump. She loves the gays, knows how to serve looks, and is capable of coming back from arguably the biggest train wreck in pop culture history. Can’t you imagine hearing the iconic phrase “It’s Britney, bitch” every time she gave a speech?

7. Kim Kardashian

You might think she’s terribly vapid, and I might not argue with you, but she does maintain a level of self-respect and professionalism. She’s also a phenomenal business woman who hasn’t gone bankrupt. *sips tea!!*

8. Albus Dumbledore

He might be a fictional character that may or may not be alive (spoiler alert), but he would still be better than Trump. He successfully kept Hogwarts safe time after time and for that, we are grateful.

9. Blue Ivy Carter

Yes, this is the prodigal child of Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter and Sean Corey Carter a.k.a. Jay-Z. Why would she be a better president? She has never thrown a temper tantrum on Twitter. She is more interested in candy and play dates. There’s also a high chance that this 5-year-old manages the Carter’s affairs, and they seem to be doing pretty well.

10. Viola Davis

She’s fabulous, professional, and doesn’t make a fool of herself on the daily. Viola is the epitome of perfection and she’s got a beautiful complexion that doesn’t remind me of stale Cheetos.

11. Kevin Spacey

A.k.a Frank Underwood from House of Cards. I don’t actually watch that show (I know, it’s really good, I’m gonna watch it eventually). He’s gotta be better than Trump though… cause it doesn’t get much worse than Trump.

12. Tiffany Pollard

You probably know her better as New York, who rose to fame on Flavor of Love in 2006. She is now a C-list celebrity who spends her time getting on different reality shows. She’s better at reality shows than Trump though, so she’d most likely be a better president.

13. Will Smith

He’s got a long-standing career as an actor and a musician. He’s professional and easy to look at. Not to mention, he is and always will be the Fresh Prince.

14. Beyoncé

She rules the world, and you know it. She’s never been involved in a scandal and has 20 Grammys. She’s respectable, beautiful, and kind-hearted. She even has the platform of pro-feminism and pro-Black Lives Matter.

15. Lin-Manuel Miranda

He’s intelligent, creative, and kind-hearted. His musical, Hamilton, proves that he understands American History, which is something I don’t really thank we can bank on with Trump. Plus, Miranda makes some bomb-ass catchy music.


Needless to say, we don’t have to look very far to find someone more qualified to be our next president. We can probably throw a rock in the dark and it would hit something/someone 10x more qualified than the joke that is about to become our president. Good luck to everyone as Trump takes office today, it’s gonna be an interesting and likely painful four years, but hopefully not any longer than that.

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Capricorn. Hufflepuff. Pop culture junkie. Aspiring music journalist. And probably the biggest Britney Spears fan in Mississippi.

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  • I say Kid President. He has tons more experience as president and is well “liked”.

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