Photo Gallery: Hattiesburg holds vigil, protest against Muslim immigration and refugee ban

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Photos by Ashton Pittman


Residents of Hattiesburg poured in to Shoemaker Square on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi on January 30th to protest against President Trump’s ban on immigrants and refugees that targets Muslims particularly. Around 200 Hattiesburg residents as well as Southern Miss students and faculty members showed up holding candles, carrying signs of support for stranded immigrants and refugees, chanting, and singing. Speakers included Rev. Brad Corban of Court Street United Methodist Church and Wisam Beauti, head of the Southern Miss Muslim Student Association.


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<p>Ashton is a native of Kokomo, Mississippi (yes, that’s a real place; no, the Beach Boys never sang about it). While he was a journalism student at the University of Southern Mississippi, he made a name for himself as the creator and Editor-in-Chief of Deep South Daily, an online publication centered around progressive Southern politics that reached millions. At various points, he’s been a contributor to the New York Times, a freelance videographer and production assistant with Showtime, and a social media pot-stirrer. He has been retweeted by the likes of Hillary Clinton and J.K. Rowling. He is also proud to have been mocked and blocked by Roseanne Barr.</p>

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  • Great photos, Ashton. Thank you for your work. I want to stress that this was a COMMUNITY lead vigil in solidarity with the immigrants, refugees, and Muslims of the Hattiesburg area. While the students’ input, attendence, and help in planning the vigil and the use of USM’s space was vital and cannot be underestimated, there was much more than just USM affiliated people attending and planning the vigil last night. This distinction is important to me as I want the affected community to be aware of the support to them even off of the USM campus. Our city supports our immigrants and refugees.

    • Thank you Cindy. I have updated the article to clarify.

  • These pics are incredible. Thanks for this.

    • You’re welcome! Thank you Blake!

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