This List of 10 Celebrities From Mississippi Might Surprise You!

by Leighton Roland

We all know Elvis, Oprah, and Brett Favre are famous Mississippians, but they’re not the only A-list celebrities from Mississippi! This list of other celebrities from the state might surprise you!

1. Fred Armisen

This former SNL cast member and current Portlandia star was born in Hattiesburg!

2. Soulja Boy 

Originally from Tennessee, Soulja Boy moved to Batesville at the age of 14.

3. Rick Ross

The founder of Maybach Music was born in Clarksdale.

4. Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams, from Meridian, was the singer for everyone’s favorite band from middle school, Paramore.

5. Britney Spears 

That’s right, one of the best selling musicians of all time is from McComb, where she attended Park Lane Academy!

6. Lance Bass 

This former N*Sync member is from Ellisville, Mississippi.

7. Lacey Chabert 

Gretchen from Mean Girls is from Purvis! So fetch!

8. Jim Henson 

The creator of the Muppets was from Greenville! What would we do without the Kermit memes?

9. Ray J

Kim K’s first celeb boyfriend is originally from McComb.

10. Leann Rimes

This country star is from Jackson. How would we live without her?


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