This trailer for Bates Motel’s final season features Rhianna in an iconic role from ‘Psycho’

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If you know the story of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ (which was based the book written by Robert Bloch), you’ve probably long known where Bates Motel was headed. For the first four seasons, Bates Motel told the backstory of Psycho, but set in modern times. We learned about Norma, the emotionally tormented and co-dependent mother of Norman Bates, and the almost-incestous relationship that they shared. Most important, we saw Norman’s evolution from being sweet, kind, awkward young boy we were introduced to in the first season into the deranged, cold-blooded killer whose character is the namesake of Hitchcock’s most famous film.

The backstory ended last season. In the fifth and final season, Bates Motel is Psycho. In a modern twist, Rhianna will take on the role of Marion Crane, who was played Janet Leigh in the 1960 film. Marion Crane, of course, is the key character in what may be the most famous scene in horror movie history.

Bates Motel’s final season premieres on A&E on February 20th.

Watch the supremely creepy trailer below and tell us what you think:






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