The 7 Funniest Twitter Reactions to ‘Easy D’

In yet another “unpresidented” display of foolishness, Trump has provided twitter with comedy gold. See the original tweet and seven of the best responses below.

  1. Look Him Up  

  2. Indecent Exposure  

  3. He’s Ready For It  

  4. Not Exactly What Emma Lazarus Had In Mind


  5. The Mixtape No One Asked For  

  6. Kellyanne Is Up For The Challenge    

  7. Who Needs SNL? This Sh*t Writes Itself  

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An almost comically stereotypical INTP, Liam is a Pascagoula, MS, native transplanted to Hattiesburg c. 2013. He spends his time devouring social, political, and economic commentary and analysis; fighting stigma against and advocating for those with mental illness (wearing his own Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis on his sleeve); grabbing the patriarchy by the balls; and calling out white supremacy and institutionalized racism. Liam uses snark and witticism as comic relief for his depressingly cynical mind and offers no apologies for his die-hard fanaticism for the actual queen of music, Madonna (the Bey-hive can miss him with the BS).

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