The Search for Everything – Wave One: Review of John Mayer’s New EP

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by Chloe Clutter

Four years. Four songs. So many feelings. If you’re a diehard John Mayer fan like I am, then you know this album was a complete surprise and everything you have been missing at the same time. This ‘wave’ of four new songs from his album “The Search for Everything” is the first time we’ve heard from John in over three years. Each month he plans to release four new songs until the album is complete. This EP, Wave One, is extremely reminiscent of Room for Squares and Continuum, which are some of his earliest albums.

In a live Q&A with fans near the end of 2016, John was asked about a new album to which he replied, “…That is very true to the nature of the record, which is sort of like a mixtape of all the music that inspires me and all the styles that I’ve made before, but certainly in my own certain way of doing it.” Suffice to say, this album will give you allllll the feels.

So here we are, nearly a month after the release of Wave One and I am here to provide you a (possibly mediocre) review of each song. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Moving On and Getting Over

If you love the songs Your Body is a Wonderland, Why Georgia, and The Heart of Life, then you will probably hear this song and be immediately transported back in time to how you felt when you first jammed to those classics. This track brings you back to the O.G. tunes we all fell in love with back in ’01. Its laid-back rhythm, jazzy guitar and base will make you want to cruise around town with the windows down. The song starts out by realizing that moving on and getting over something are two different things and that there’s the feeling of wanting to be with someone still lingering in the back of his mind. He goes on to explain that he should have moved on already, but that if they asked, he’d go right back to them. We’ve all been there.


Changing’s repetitive beat and lyrics bring back memories of listening to Daughters and Love is a Verb from Mayer’s earlier albums. This song’s melody is especially similar to Mayer’s album Born and Raised. It’s a very bohemian, blue-grass, “into the wild” vibe. But then towards the end of the song, a guitar solo brings us back to the Continuum days almost exactly like the famous solo in Gravity which will hit your heartstrings every time. This song reminds me that changing is a constant part of life and to just remember that change is a good thing. “Time’s been talkin’ to me, whispering in my ear, saying follow your heart ’til it tears you apart, but hearts keep changing.”

Love on the Weekend

This little ditty, which was released as a single before the rest of Wave One, is a song that you sing in the shower while pretending that your shampoo is a microphone. It’s a very carefree, dance around your room, melody and gives off a dreamy vibe. The song sounds like it’s about a long distance relationship and finally getting to see that person and spending the weekend together in total serendipity. It will remind you of Mayer’s songs Heartbreak Warfare, and Perfectly Lonely except this song is optimistic and doesn’t make you want to curl up in your duvet and ugly cry.

You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me

Okay, these lyrics are probably what we’re most familiar with coming from John Mayer. It’s got a slow, piano melody throughout the song and the lyrics are somewhat melancholy. This one is my lease favorite personally, only because I could do without the whistle going along with the tune. I’m a sucker for the sad songs though, my favorite Mayer songs are the ones that are notoriously heartbreaking to listen to. You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me sounds like a goodbye of sorts. It explains that everything comes to an end eventually, we make mistakes, and that some things just aren’t meant to be.


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<p>Born and bred on the state line of Mississippi, Chloe Clutter calls both New Orleans and Picayune, Mississippi home sweet home. In 2014, she enrolled at Southern Miss with aspirations of being a buyer or a fashion journalist. Somehow in the last two years, she has become a Leadership Scholar, member of the Fashion Merchandising Organization, Manager of Sakura Japanese Restaurant, member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, and a DIME intern. All the while maintaining a less than ideal sleeping schedule and sweet disposition.</p>

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