10 Fashion and Lifestyle Youtubers You Should Already be Following

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If you love fashion, beauty, or aesthetically pleasing montages, then listen up. I’ve been a hardcore fan of all of these Youtubers for quite some time now, and I’ve finally decided to let others in on my best kept secret. They come from all over the globe and each one is unique and different from the next. Long story short, if you need any kind of inspiration—may it be in fashion, makeup, home decor, or lifestyle choices— then this is your holy grail.

1. Estée Lalonde

Canadian teen turned London socialite, Estée Lalonde is still the girl next door. She is possibly the most down to earth and relatable lady on the internet. Her youtube channel consists of simple makeup tutorials, styling videos, home decor, and lots and lots of lifestyle vlogs. If you like pastels, binge watching Netflix, and pretty stationery, then her plethora of social media platforms will be heaven for you. Her videos feature frequent appearances of her greyhound Reggie and her hilarious, longtime boyfriend Aslan. Estée also wrote a book last year, Bloom: Navigating Life and Style. Do yourself a huge favor and tune into her channel, chances are you’ll find yourself saying “omg same” more than you’d care to admit. Shoutout to any O.G. Estée fans who know about grandma and #daclip.

2. Lizzy Hadfield

Lizzy Hadfield is someone who I’ve just recently stumbled upon, but boy was I missing out. She’s a Manchester fashion blogger and has incredible taste and style. Weekly vlogs, “best of basics,” and regular fashion hauls are what you’ll find on her channel. Lizzy would be the real-life embodiment of ‘Chatty Kathy’ because of her bubbly, talkative, and exciting personality. If you’re as or more invested in fashion as I am, then finding this channel will be like striking gold.

3. StyleLikeU

StyleLikeU is an inspiring, community outreach channel run by a mother-daughter team, Elisa and Lily. Elisa had been in the fashion industry as a stylist for decades, when she left to raise her children. Upon returning to the world of fashion, she found that everything had changed from artistry to “selling status, conformity, and one, exclusive ideal of beauty.” At the same time, her daughter Lily, was struggling with her self esteem and how negatively the industry was impacting her. “This empty ideal of beauty tortured my adolescence.” Their goal is to revolutionize the way we look at style and fashion by realizing that style is the beauty we all posses inside ourselves; it’s what shines through to the exterior. The channel consists of interviews from an array of women from all different backgrounds and walks of life. They are asked increasingly personal questions and with each question they shed a piece of clothing, proving that the only things that truly matter are on the inside. StyleLikeU encourages and inspires people to be comfortable and confident in their own skin, and to realize that in their body is a good place to be.

4. Ingrid Nilsen

The first thing you’ll notice about Ingrid is that she is an itty bitty lady with a matching voice and personality. In contrast to those qualities, she has huge goals and beliefs. Her youtube is mainly beauty and style, but she dishes out a little bit of everything. Ingrid has been making huge strides personally and professionally by making accomplishments like interviewing President Obama, to coming out as a lesbian in 2015. Another notable accomplishment is her extremely recent collaboration with bareMinerals, featuring a line of original foundation. Ingrid is an advocate for women, the lgbtq+ community, the environment, and much more.

5. Hannah Witton

If you consider yourself a feminist, then you will absolutely love Hannah Witton’s channel. She is a massive advocate for sexual health awareness, women’s rights, and taking stigmas off of taboo topics. She also has a book coming out called Doing It. She uses her channel as a platform to inform others about things like birth control, reproductive health, and feminism in general. She has a series called The Hormone Diaries which she started when she chose to come off of the birth control pill, and let her hormones do their thing, thus the title. The series is used to discuss an array of different sexual health conversations, but in my opinion, it’s such a relatable series and she never fails to include a sense of humor. Another one of her series is Drunk Advice and it really is a gem. Hannah and and chosen guests get together and drink (responsibly), or are “in the spirit of drunk,” and give totally botched advice to viewer questions. It’s hilarious, as well as the rest of her channel, and I think you’ll enjoy Hannah’s refreshing presence on Youtube as much as I do.

6. ClothesEncounters

Jenn Im is not your typical fashion youtuber. Jenn is a Korean-American, California native, who just got engaged to a London musician, Ben. She has an unapologetic, eclectic, and confident style. Jenn’s content is amazing; very seamlessly edited and put together. ClothesEncounters is primarily fashion centered, beauty videos are a close second, and very regular vlog series follow in third place. My personal favorites are the lookbooks she puts together, and more recently her series of videos called “What Would Jenn Wear” in which she asks her viewers to give her a scenario to create an outfit for and then she puts something together with the clothes in her closet. Jenn is an incredibly innovative, creative, and friendly youtuber and her videos will likely put a big smile on your face, or at the very least give you a brand new perspective of your wardrobe.

7. Claire Marshall

Two words: Bad. Ass. Claire Marshall is a makeup artist based in L.A. who brought her expertise and creativity to Youtube. She maintains a steady amount of vlog-stlye videos with the occasional fashion lookbook or “get ready with me” makeup tutorial. She frequently uploads travel vlogs of her excursions to foreign countries and tropical vacations. She leaves a certain creative flare on all of her videos, whether they be makeup, fashion, or lifestyle, that you won’t find in any other youtubers’.

8. Zoelaz

Another recent find of mine, Zoe has an incredible lifestyle and travel vlog channel, which goes hand in hand with her Instagram profile. She puts together picturesque montages of her trips to music festivals, breathtaking landscapes, huge cities, and more. Her channel is very fresh and new, but the content is truly stunning.

9. Sunbeamsjess

Jess is a London youtuber based in Edinburgh, Scotland as a university student. In my opinion, she wins the sweetest youtuber award. Not only does she have the sunniest disposition, but also the most kickass and interesting style. She has hardcore tattoos, wears very unique jewelry, and rocks winged eyeliner like no other. Her channel frequents lookbooks with the likes of Urban Outfitters and Topshop, daily vlogs, and beauty content, but she also does amazing travel pieces to places like India, Tokyo, and South Africa.

10. The Michalacks

The Michalacks is family lifestyle video diary of Hannah, Stephan and Grayson Michalack. The channel began as Hannah’s outlet for support while she was pregnant and she created it to hopefully provide a resource for other pregnant women seeking advice in the same way Hannah was. After she had her son Grayson, the channel then developed into a full blown video diary series of their lives in weekly vlogs that are edited and produced by both Hannah and her husband, Stephan. The channel has massively evolved in the last two years and regularly features gorgeous quality content that seamlessly disguises how much effort actually goes into making each weekly vlog. Both Stephan and Hannah are witty and naturals in front of a camera, and their toddler, Grayson, is the most adorable. The videos are honestly just beautiful to watch. They put together travel pieces often, which feature to-die-for footage, but even when they are home, they find ways to make every day something special.

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Born and bred on the state line of Mississippi, Chloe Clutter calls both New Orleans and Picayune, Mississippi home sweet home. In 2014, she enrolled at Southern Miss with aspirations of being a buyer or a fashion journalist. Somehow in the last two years, she has become a Leadership Scholar, member of the Fashion Merchandising Organization, Manager of Sakura Japanese Restaurant, member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, and a DIME intern. All the while maintaining a less than ideal sleeping schedule and sweet disposition.

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