12 #RelationshipGoals That Actually Matter (in GIFs)

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Photo by Wyatt Fisher (Flickr/cc)

by Brittany Purvis

The age of social media has brought us into a weird world where everything we do is broadcast to the world for no good reason. For people in and out of relationships, we can often become jealous of how we perceive other’s lives. Engagement photos, never-ending sappy posts and wedding Snapchat filters can make other people’s relationships look perfect. But an image doesn’t always capture what lies beneath the surface — what actually matters when you’re with a person, the real relationship goals.

Here are some relationship goals that actually matter.

  1. Letting them pick the show you’re going to binge on Netflix next.

  2. Bringing tacos home after a long day without being asked.

  3. Saving a meme for later because you know they’re sleeping or busy at work.

  4. Buying them a treat and waiting for them to find it when they get home.

  5. Letting them win a fight because you know that means you’re closer to make up sex.

  6. Not texting them non-stop when they go out with their friends because you trust them.

  7. Never feeling like you need to post a long status about how awesome they are because you actually tell them all the time in real life.

  8. Grabbing their ass discreetly in public.

  9. Letting them put their cold feet on you.

  10. Never having to wear pants when you’re home together.

  11. Asking them how their day was and genuinely caring.

  12. Remember their favorite soup and ice cream flavors for when they had a shitty day.

Photo by Wyatt Fisher (Flickr/cc)

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Brittany Purvis was born in Mobile, Alabama and came to Hattiesburg, Mississippi for school. She fell in love with the charm of the Hub City and made it her new home. When she’s not performing stand up comedy across the Gulf Coast, she can be found at her home watching documentaries on Netflix or in the kitchen baking. She enjoys a good antiquing adventure to add to her collection of knick knacks and kitsch. She has no children, much to the chagrin of her family, but she does have three perfect cats and a pretty wonderful boyfriend. She is a firm believer in the Oxford comma. See what she’s up to on Instagram and Twitter @luckierthanthou.

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