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Thoughts from the DIME Crew

How do you define the new Southern Gentleman?

“He’s dedicated to his personal growth every damn day.” –Jacqueline Lee

“He doesn’t back down when something is right but isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong.” –DeeJay Rolison

“A hardworking man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and promote kindness.” –Paige Pritchard

“The NSG is kind-hearted, creative, loves to wear, eat and drink all things local, stands up for what is right, and doesn’t hide from talking about or doing something about the hard stuff in the world.” –Elizabeth Wilson Harris

“Classic charm, a worldly sense of humor, a loving heart and compassionate soul. He is an insatiable lover but a little on the nerdy side. When you find him, give him my number.” –Adam Evans

“The new Southern Gentleman embodies classic values but stays woke. He says yes ma’am and no ma’am and opens the door for me even though he knows I can do it myself. He calls where he’s from his ‘hometown’ and is restlessly in love with his roots.” –Kaitlyn Watkins

“He isn’t afraid of the word ‘feminist.’ He doesn’t feel the need to tell his gay friends things like, ‘I’m okay with gay people as long as you don’t hit on me.’ He loves being from the South, but stands up for a fairer and more justice Southern future rather than romanticizing the Southern past.” –Ashton Pittman

“He is fine with me going home without him but won’t sleep until I text that I’m home safe.” –Mary Ann Abalone O’Gorman

“Thick af. Everything else is secondary.” –Justin Sawyer

“He still has the traditional manners of a gentleman, such as introducing you to his mama, but still supports your endeavors to be independent.” –Tablet Toole



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ON THE COVER: Hunter Deerman channeled his inner Southern gentleman in our style shoot this month. Take a peek at the other looks on page 68. Photo by Ashton Pittman.
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