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Backdoor Coffeehouse, founded by David Walker and Paul Laughlin in 2006, is an artistic event that has taken place in Hattiesburg for 10 years now, featuring a number of singers, songwriters, artists, writers and even comedians on occasion. Housed by University Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, Backdoor Coffeehouse has become a phenomenon for people in this college town. Once a month the promoters of Backdoor Coffeehouse put on a one-of-a-kind show for audience members, free of charge, funded by donors and sponsors. Donations are accepted, unless it’s your first time showing up. In that case, Walker advises newcomers not to give any kind of donation — except a listening ear.

Most artists seem to be wired in one of two ways. Either they are quiet and brooding, using their form of art as a direct expression of how they feel inside, or they are bubbly and outgoing, with their art mimicking that persona and allowing

Netflix has long been a pioneer in streaming past seasons of our favorite television shows. Since 2012, however, it has become a driving force in the original content market, garnering massive success with shows like “Orange is The New Black” and “House of Cards.” Here are 5 shows to distract you from all the other things that you need to accomplish.