Oxford Film Festival will be hosting three screenings later this month as part of their monthly film series. Screenings of of Masculinity/Femininity, Porches and Private Eyes and Rocky Horror Picture Show will be held.    Feature film Masculinity/Femininity by Russell Sheaffer is screening for free on

Netflix has long been a pioneer in streaming past seasons of our favorite television shows. Since 2012, however, it has become a driving force in the original content market, garnering massive success with shows like “Orange is The New Black” and “House of Cards.” Here are 5 shows to distract you from all the other things that you need to accomplish.

Every season new television series come and go. Some are cancelled only to be brought back, such as Family Guy, whilst others ­ once full of promise­ linger in obscurity. I’m looking at you Heroes. Then, there are those rare shows that were just too ahead of their time for the audiences they were being presented to. The show’s listed below were all risky in one way or another, and if there’s one thing television executives love, it’s a safe bet that panders to its audience. How the hell else do you explain crap like Two and A Half Men lasting for twelve seasons?

All too often history is distilled to its most rudimentary form. A narrative where one side is in the wrong and the other side is in the right is the easiest type of story to tell. It is that kind of thinking that reduces individuals to caricatures, their own personal beliefs being eclipsed by the need to simplify certain history.

In 1863, ninety­-five native sons of Jones County, Miss., returned home after abandoning their posts in the Confederate States army. But, unlike many deserters, these men chose to fight back against the confederacy, who were, in their eyes, poor men fighting a rich man’s war. They hid out along the Leaf River launching guerrilla attacks on Confederate forces. Their wives, daughters and other family members supported their actions, supplying them with food and medical care. Of the soldiers who formed the company, only 11 members came from families that owned slaves.