by Jenn Devereaux

Brooklyn-based Electronic-Indie Dance duo and college sweethearts Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino have been making music together for more than 10 years now. This duo is well-known for catchy songs like “Daylight” and “Let Go,” as well as their insane and energetic live performances (where Kim has been known to perilously stand atop the hands of the crowd as she twerks) and their viral music videos including the controversial “Lessons Learned” where they stripped down naked in Times Square. However, the most notable achievement for this pair is their commitment to their music and one another. They practically spend every waking moment together, although they are quick to point out that would probably be a bad idea for any other relationship. Because of their success on and off the stage, Matt and Kim are the perfect power couple to give you relationship advice. They took a quick break from touring for their new album We Were the Weirdos to fill DIME in on embarrassing facts about each other, their ideal Tinder profiles and how Google Maps is saving one relationship at a time.